No matter the point in the lifecycle of an asset, Corrpro can help bring it all together keeping infrastructure working better, safer and longer.

Corrpro Innovation

Corrpro can help optimize asset integrity with our carefully engineered combination of cathodic protection products, services and technologies.

Pipeline Surveys are Delivered in ScanLine®

ScanLine®, our web-based app, interactively analyzes corrosion data and automatically creates action plans with options for remediation groups and corrective tasks assignment.

ScanLine® includes interactive charts, GIS maps, and synchronized data views that make analyses fast, simple, and accurate. Readings from multiple surveys are synchronized graphically and geospatially to provide more comprehensive data interpretation and provide resizing capabilities to allow survey detail to be displayed at any scale.

CP Test Station Surveys are Delivered in AssetViewTM

For corrosion and integrity specialists who desire quick and easy access to their surveyed assets, AssetView™ provides a straightforward, web-based interface for accessing data. Unlike expensive desktop software solutions that must be installed and then require considerable time locating and loading data, AssetView™ leverages our data repository, making it easy to view asset information in a web browser.

AssetView™ allows users to interactively view their Cathodic protection test station assets on a map, review Test Station data, and download reports from a managed customer data repository. Asset cards show current and historical data highlighting non-compliant test points. Users can download complete, verifiable, and traceable integrity data reports and data. On-demand synchronization of digital CP Test Station survey data can be viewed as soon as data is collected in the field.

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Portal

Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete: Three words PHMSA uses to describe critical data requirements. To keep track of the ever-increasing quantity of data in a production environment electronic data collection is a necessity.  Corrpro uses the internally developed Correlator™ or Apex ProScan™ hardware for fast collection of Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete data for our customers.  These systems are more flexible than commercially available offerings, allowing us to quickly take up new field data requirements, and our suite of data reporting and analysis software tools enables rapid communication of results to our customers.

The Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Portal is a web-based system that allows our customers to access the data that we collect on their behalf. The portal provides a comprehensive set of analytical “apps” that help transform data into information and then use that information to analyze and solve problems.

The AIM Portal accelerates the delivery of data, providing quick assessment for areas that need remediation. It also makes it easier to meet reporting and regulatory compliance requirements. AIM can also highlight existing problems on a pipeline, helping in the prioritization in the spending of integrity dollars. With the increased regulatory emphasis on the management and integration of integrity data, it is now much more important to have traceable, verifiable, and complete records. The AIM Portal helps customers fill in gaps where their own systems may be lacking data.