Pipeline Integrity
Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline integrity management programs help to identify and prevent safety threats, manage failure risk, optimize assets and manage reputation through catastrophic prevention.

Corrpro offers a full complement of Pipeline Integrity assessment services to help comply with regulations and extend the useful life of infrastructure. Our expertise includes identification of high and moderate consequence areas, geographic information system (GIS) services featuring the FieldLine®, LiveLine™ and ScanLine™ systems, threat assessment, in-depth surveys and internal and external pipeline inspection.

Pipeline Integrity Management Program

These services cover initial corrosion assessment and testing, design and planning of mitigation programs, cathodic protection, and measurement of the efficacy of corrosion control efforts.

  • GIS capabilities
  • Baseline assessments
  • Threat assessment
  • Water crossing and offshore trailing wire surveys
  • Pipeline ROW & installed crossing assessment
  • Close interval surveys
  • External corrosion direct assessment (ECDA)
  • Internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA)
  • Depth of cover surveys
  • Inline Inspection Services
  • Maintenance pigging coordination & support
  • Coatings inspection and engineering
  • AC and DC power interference services
  • AC mitigation solutions
  • Abandonment / discontinuation program coordination
  • Cathodic protection

GIS Capabilities

Our Asset Integrity Portal is an online resource that features the FieldLine®, LiveLine™ and ScanLine™ systems.

  • FieldLine® provides a brief view of survey inspection data in a job summary or map visualization. Simple search tools help clients access relevant data and export it in various formats for easy loading into a variety of systems.
  • LiveLine™ provides real-time visualization and streaming analytics for important points on the pipeline. With alerts and notifications, the client is automatically and continuously updated on key metrics at each GIS location.
  • ScanLine™ is an interactive charting and analytical tool for viewing current and historical close interval survey data at various points along a pipeline segment.

Pipeline Integrity Lifecycle

Pipeline Integrity Lifecycle

Threat Assessment

A threat assessment helps pipeline integrity management professionals identify the types of possible threats to the pipeline system. Corrpro offers data analysis, management and engineering assessments for identifying and ranking various threats to pipeline integrity.

Corrpro is one of the nation’s premier pipeline survey companies, performing pipeline surveys for more than 50 years. Over the last 15 years, we have effectively evaluated more than 500,000 miles of pipeline. Corrpro has trained OQ qualified personnel as well as dozens of survey crews and we provide the equipment and instrumentation to properly and cost-effectively perform survey work.

Full spectrum of survey techniques

  • Close interval pipe-to-soil potential surveys (CIS)
  • DC voltage gradient (DCVG) surveys
  • AC voltage gradient (ACVG) surveys
  • Electromagnetic surveys – CorrScan and current mapper/PCM
  • Sub-meter GPS locating depth-of-cover
  • Continuous soil resistivity surveys (electromagnetic ground conductivity)
  • Linear polarization resistance corrosion rate measurements
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) investigations

Water crossing and offshore trailing wire surveys

Pipelines located at water crossings face unique challenges. Without reliable information, they can cause environmental contamination, interruption of water traffic and property damage. Corrpro’s water crossing external corrosion surveys are an effective tool to assess pipeline integrity threats, measure levels of cathodic protection and compliance with cathodic protection criteria and enable appropriate remediation to ensure safe and reliable operation of pipelines.

Corrpro has the necessary equipment and experienced technicians to perform water crossing surveys and offshore trailing wire surveys for almost any environment.

External corrosion survey data

  • Coating defect locations
  • Coating quality
  • Pipeline burial profiles and depth-of-cover measurements
  • Sub-meter GPS coordinates

Pipeline ROW & installed crossing assessment

Corrpro has extensive experience with the remediation of cased pipeline crossings. Corrpro also has experience with inspecting both new construction and maintenance work being performed by pipeline contractors or third-party pipeline companies or contractors within or adjacent to your pipeline right-of-way.

Our technicians can protect your assets by being on site as your representative to ensure that these companies and contractors are in compliance with crossing and proximity agreements and following correct ground disturbance procedures to prevent pipe contacts or other potential damage while these companies are working in, around, and on top of your pipeline and within the pipeline right-of-way.

Typically, third-party utilities and contractors do not fully appreciate the scope of the safety certification and documentation requirements needed when they are working in proximity to pipelines.

Baseline Assessment

Soil stress and excessive operating temperatures can damage pipe coating and expose pipe to external corrosion. Water and corrosive contaminants in the product stream can cause internal corrosion damage. High operating stress levels, combined with environments conducive to stress corrosion cracking, can cause cracking failures.

Regular pipeline assessment is critical in order to mitigate these issues. Corrpro offers engineering assessment, data analysis and management for baseline assessment and reassessment programs.

External corrosion direct assessment (ECDA)

Corrpro is a world-class leading provider of external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) related engineering, surveys and data analysis, inspection and remediation. Our Pipeline Services Division includes numerous personnel with more than 20 years’ experience in pipeline testing and integrity assessments. For more than 15 years, we have been one of the largest providers of these types of services in the United States.

Corrpro’s ECDA services

  • Pre-assessment
  • Indirect examination
    • CIS potential surveys
    • DCVG surveys
    • Electromagnetic surveys
    • ACVG surveys
  • ACCA surveys
    • Soil studies
    • Resistivity surveys
    • Depth of cover
    • Sub-meter GPS locating
  • Direct examination
    • Excavation and inspection
    • Coating evaluation
    • Corrosion measurements
    • MIC investigations
    • Pipe strength calculations
    • Root cause analysis
    • Corrosion rate estimates
  • Engineering critical assessment
    • Post assessment

Internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA)

Corrpro’s team of internal corrosion experts provide comprehensive solutions for internal pipeline integrity. These services cover initial corrosion assessment and testing, design and planning of mitigation programs and measurement of the efficacy of corrosion control efforts.

Starting with internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA) to identify maximum risk locations, the control of internal corrosion in pipelines is optimized by one or more of the following activities:

  • Pipeline system evaluation and assessment
  • Engineering calculations
    • ICDA process optimization
    • Prediction of corrosivity
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) testing, studies and evaluation
  • Corrosion monitoring
    • Coupons
    • Probes
    • NDT (non-destructive testing, in-line inspection, ultrasonic)
  • Cleaning pig programs

Stress corrosion cracking direct assessment (SCCDA)

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is an integrity threat for many pipeline operators. Corrpro’s staff is experienced at direct assessment methodologies and in performing SCCDA requirements for both near-neutral-pH and high-pH SCC.

In-line inspection data assessment

Corrpro is one of the nation’s leading pipeline inspection companies providing pipeline integrity inspection services. Our Pipeline Services Division has managed in-line inspection projects for more than 25 years and has processed in-line inspection data for more than 12,000 miles of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines.

In-line inspection related services

  • Tool selection
    • Cleaning
    • Gauging
    • Deformation
    • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)
    • Ultrasonic thickness (UT)
  • Program implementation
  • Aboveground marker (AGM) placement and documentation
  • Inspection monitoring
  • Inspection analysis
  • Information integration
  • Data analysis and correlation
  • Rehabilitation programs

Pipeline anomaly assessment and repair

Corrpro’s highly experienced pipeline maintenance personnel and professionals have direct operator experience and are fully aware of operator requirements when working on pipelines.

Corrpro brings a pipeline operator perspective to your project. Pipeline anomaly assessment and repair services are required for both direct assessment and in-line tool integrity assessment programs.

Specific services include:

  • Coating condition assessments
  • Corrosion damage assessments (external and internal) and mapping
  • Data collection and pipe strength calculations
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) investigations


Our engineering services help pipeline operators select locations and methods for remediation of pipeline integrity threats. Our remediation methods include not only Corrpro’s cathodic protection systems, but also other various pipeline rehabilitation and protection methods offered by Corrpro.

  • Engineering recommendations
  • Cathodic protection design, engineering and installation
  • AC interference mitigation

Mitigation and Prevention

To aid our customers with the prevention and mitigation of pipeline integrity threats, Corrpro offers pipeline locating and marking as well as ongoing GIS services to ensure your pipeline location is known to all stakeholders adjacent to the right-of-way.

  • Line locating and marking
  • GIS mapping

Stray Current Interference Mitigation

Corrpro not only designs AC mitigation systems, but also has the construction teams and equipment needed to complete the installation of these essential AC corrosion/personnel safety hazard mitigation systems within highly complete joint utility corridors. Whether we’re working with the owner on an existing pipeline system or with a contractor on a new pipeline installation, we have the technical and project management capabilities, as well as construction teams capable of staffing and equipping multiple projects. Corrpro construction team members are well versed in the installation of grounding wells, zinc/copper parallel mitigation systems along with the required gradient control systems and solid state decouplers.

In addition to the trained staff, Corrpro will install these systems using the most economical and least invasive approach. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of plows and boring equipment to preserve right-of-way integrity.

AC/DC interference and corrosion mitigation solutions

The growing demand to share rights-of-way with high voltage power lines leads to a a growing need for interference and corrosion mitigation solutions for pipelines. Corrpro is equipped to provide corrosion mitigation solutions for almost any pipeline/power line scenario – from one pipeline and one power line to multiple pipelines and multiple power lines in congested corridors with complicated geometry. We have experience in projects ranging from a few miles to over 600 miles.

Corrpro can provide many services to pipeline and power line companies including:

  • Field investigations of existing and new pipelines or power lines
  • AC voltage gradient above grade survey
  • AC interference modeling using SES software package
  • HVDC and LRT interference modeling
  • DC interference analysis from solar fields and wind farms
  • AC Mitigation systems design
  • Materials supply
  • Construction services (installation of mitigation systems)
  • Inspection and commissioning of mitigation systems

Continual Evaluation and Assessment

As with any asset management program, Corrpro’s pipeline integrity management services can be used to assist pipeline operators with continuing evaluation of pipeline integrity management programs and reassessing pipeline integrity. Regular maintenance and routine surveys and evaluation are necessary to stay ahead of future issues.