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Economy Air Cooled Rectifier

The Corrpower “Economy” Air-Cooled Rectifier line is a small, low cost version of the standard line of manual tap-adjust rectifiers.

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Efficiency Filters (Chokes)

Used with rectifiers to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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F-Type Variable Transformer Rectifier

Designed for applications where current requirements are small and where it is necessary for the rectifier to be as inconspicuous as possible.

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Green Rectifier

An ecologically friendly cathodic protection rectifier.

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Hazardous Location Oil-Cooled Rectifier

The combination of a compact enclosure and economic price, make this an ideal rectifier for tank farms, refineries or other applications requiring economical explosion proof rectifiers.

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Lightning Arrestors

These arrestors constantly protect the equipment by suppressing voltage surges caused by lightning.

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Portable Test Rectifier

Conservatively rated full-wave diode bridge assemblies coupled to a high performance transformer combine to yield an efficient and reliable test rectifier for Cathodic Protection applications.

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Resistors and Rheostats

Often used in rectifiers and junction boxes to balance the current to individual anodes and structures.

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Silicon Diode Bridges

Corrpro silicon diode bridge and SCR/diode bridge assemblies offer high operating efficiency and reliable service.

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Standard Air-Cooled Rectifier

Provide an economical alternative to the Custom and Automatically controlled rectifier lines.

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