EPA Upgrade Requirements

The Corrpro/WRA Tank Mean Time to Corrosion Failure (MTCF™) Program provides tank owners with a cost-effective means of minimizing the risk of leaks and of meeting regulatory requirements. The owner of 100 underground tank sites will spend on average between $4 million and $13.5 million on leak clean-up and tank upgrading over the next ten years--the EPA's proposed time frame for UST upgrading activities.*

The Corrpro/WRA MTCF™ Program of selected tank replacement and upgrading allows the tank manager to plan and budget for activities to minimize exposure to risk and meet regulatory requirements. Corrpro and WRA have developed procedures to:

  • Provide the tank manager with definitive information based upon field corrosion engineering tests
  • Enable the tank manager to prioritize tank replacement and upgrading activities in descending order of risk
  • Protect good tankage with cathodic protection and tank lining retrofit programs

The Corrpro/WRA MTCF™ program is based on proven procedures that allow tank managers to plan, program and budget for tank integrity. It is a proactive means to identify requirements for upgrade and replacement in anticipation of the EPA's 1998 deadline.

*Current industry estimates are that only 45% to 55% of existing tanks meet the EPA's 1998 standards. While many USTs are likely to be removed without replacement, the demands on the tank fabrication and installation industry for replacement of existing tankage are well beyond their capacity. Consequently, tank owners and operators are using MTCF™ methodology to identify sites with good tankage which are candidates for cathodic protection retrofit.

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