Cathodic Protection System Upgrades

Corrpro is the leading provider of cathodic protection system upgrades, services, equipment and materials for the world’s infrastructure. Designing and installing cathodic protection systems for pipelines is a core activity for Corrpro. Services, equipment and materials provided by Corrpro include field surveys, engineering designs, material specifications, equipment and materials, installation, construction inspection and system commissioning.

Cathodic Protection Designs
* Field surveys
* System specifications and designs
* Plans and detail drawings

System Materials and Construction
* Conventional groundbeds
* Deep anode groundbeds
* Distributed anode systems
* Cathodic protection test stations

Power Supplies
* Transformer – rectifiers
* Solar power systems
* Thermoelectric generators

Interference Control Systems
* Bond stations
* Auxiliary drainage systems
* AC interference mitigation
* DC interference mitigation
* Fault current protection

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