AC/DC interference modeling & mitigation is a Corrpro specialty

AC & DC Interference Modeling & Mitigation

When underground metallic pipelines are in close proximity to high voltage power transmission lines, they are subjected to the electromagnetic field created by the alternating current (AC).

AC and DC interference modeling and mitigation designs are core competencies of Corrpro, with more than 50 years of project experience. World class survey techniques, modeling software and mitigation design experience distinguish the services provided by Corrpro.

Corrpro is the established leader in corrosion control and has unparalleled expertise in AC detection and mitigation. With experience protecting thousands of miles of pipeline and ancillary facilities, Corrpro has confidently handled AC interference issues ranging from one pipeline and one power line in a simple cross-country setting to multiple pipelines and multiple power lines in congested urban corridors. Corrpro pipeline projects involving AC interference and mitigation have ranged from a few miles to over six hundred miles.

AC Interference Services
* Soil testing with variable frequency instruments
* Multi-layer soil resistivity measurements and modeling
* Subsurface geologic investigations
* Electrical ground resistance-to-earth measurements
* High voltage transmission system analysis
* Modeling of induced AC and fault currents
* AC interference mitigation cathodic protection designs

DC Interference Services
* Field testing for foreign pipeline influence
* transit system current analysis
* Computer modeling of stray current interference
* Interference mitigation designs

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