Cathodic Corrosion Protection for pipelines, storage tanks, or other concrete/metal structures

Cathodic Protection Design and Engineering Services

Corrpro provides a variety of cathodic protection solutions for your corrosion prevention needs. Whether pipelines, storage tanks, or other structures, our NACE certified engineers have the expertise to design a fully functional CP system to prevent corrosion and degradation of your assets. Browse the categories below to learn more.

All engineering services shall be provided by a Corrosion Specialist who is accredited by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International as a Senior Corrosion Technologist, Corrosion Specialist or Cathodic Protection Specialist.  When it comes to our approach to cathodic protection, all jobs are treated with individual care and attention to your specific project needs.

 Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline Cathodic Protection Solutions

 Water Tank Design

Anode System Design for Cathodic Protection of Water Tanks

 Military Applications

Cathodic Protection for Military Installation

 Aboveground Storage Tanks

Cathodic Protection Systems for aboveground storage tanks

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