Corrpro Technology Improves Pipeline Reliability

The pipeline reliability department personnel at a refinery in Hawaii engaged the services of Corrpro Canada, Inc. to determine the integrity of their pipelines from Barbers Point to Honolulu. The 35-year old, dual 8" lines run more than 22 miles along a right-of-way adjacent to Pearl Harbor, crossing numerous channels, rivers and streams, delivering refined products along the route.

In order for the Hawaiian client to assess the external condition of its aging pipeline, Corrpro recommended a comprehensive survey to determine the external coating condition of the pipelines, pipeline depth- of-cover and cathodic protection status using various close-interval-survey techniques. All of the readings taken along the pipeline route were to be referenced to Global Positioning Survey (GPS) equipment.

The external coating assessment pipeline survey was completed on land sections using C-Scan electromagnetic detection technology. Poor coating sections were then resurveyed using Corrpro's 'Pin-to-Pin' technique to accurately locate the coating damage for future remedial work by the client. The pinpoint, external coating assessment survey, developed by Corrpro, reduced excavation costs by allowing the client to expose the pipelines only where necessary. Pipeline depth-of- cover and cathodic protection close-interval-survey data assisted in determining where remedial work was required to mitigate corrosion and maintain pipeline depths to local standards.

With Corrpro's C-Scan and pinpoint equipment, Corrpro was able to identify specific areas in need of coating repairs. Based on the results and recommendations of Corrpro's integrity surveys, the operator has moved to the next phase of the project which will involve designing and installing enhanced cathodic protection systems as needed. In summary, through the use of its vast array of technology tools, Corrpro was able to recommend a comprehensive solution to enhance the operator's business performance.