Ocean Pines Condominium Cathodic Protection

This 10 story, 54-unit condominium was the first of several large upscale oceanfront condominiums in South Florida to have Corrpro’s impressed current cathodic protection (CP) system for corrosion control of the reinforcing steel. CP was installed on all of its balconies. Highland Beach is located between Boca Raton and Delray Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida.


During 1999 the Owners of Ocean Pines Condominium were preparing for their third major balcony restoration in eight years. They became serious about CP when their long range planning committee realized that the cost of installing the system would be paid for in one-cycle of balcony restoration (5-7 years). The oceanfront exposure for this building allows airborne chlorides (salt) to enter the concrete and find their way to the reinforcing steel, resulting in rapid corrosion. For years the Owners had tried to combat the corrosion problem by patching and applying sealers and membranes to the concrete surface. Unfortunately, these techniques only worked for a short time and before long, the Owners were facing another cycle of concrete repair.


The Board elected to install ELGARD’s™ titanium mesh anode encased in thin-set mortar under new ceramic tiles for the balcony slabs. Other protected elements included window canopies and supporting columns, however, in these areas, the ELGARD™ ribbon anode was used by installing it in saw cut slots.


The entire system is powered and controlled by Corrpro’s rectifier and CORD-COM™ remote monitoring system. The system is operating at optimum voltage and current levels to control further corrosion of the reinforcing steel in the concrete balconies, canopies and supporting columns. Corrpro will continue to monitor the CP system remotely from its head office in Medina, Ohio.


The Corrpro CP system puts Ocean Pines at the leading edge of balcony restoration in older condominium buildings. The CP system will eliminate the costly cycle of repairs for 25 years or more. Other major benefits include the elimination of noisy jackhammers, dust, invasion into some units, and the considerable inconvenience of cyclical concrete repair and patching. The Owners now have the technical and economic advantage of not having to face replacement of their entire balconies at 5-10 times the cost of installing a CP system.

Project Data

Structure:  Ocean Pines Condominium

Location:   3009 South Ocean Boulevard

                  Highland Beach, FL 33487

Owner:  Ocean Pines Condominium Association

Owner Contact:  Mr. Andy Miller, Building Manager, Tel:  561 276 3012

Engineer:  Howard J. Miller, PE, Inc.

Engineer Contact:  Mr. Steve Young, PE, Tel: 561 392 2326

Anode Types:  ELGARD™ 150 Anode Mesh & 100 Ribbon Mesh (15,000 ft2)

Installation Date:  2000-2001

Leading governmental and independent trade organizations have monitored, tested, and reported on corrosion control strategies over the past three decades. These groups include the American Concrete Institute, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, and the Federal Highway Administration. They advocate CP as the only rehabilitation technique that effectively stops corrosion in salt-contaminated structures, regardless of the chloride content in the concrete.

Corrpro Companies, Inc., (AMEX: CO), is the leading provider of corrosion engineering services, materials and systems for the infrastructure, environmental and energy markets throughout the world. For reinforced concrete structures, our involvement has been in many areas including CP system design, installation, testing, coatings evaluation, research and development. Corrpro is the worldwide licensee of the ELGARD™ system for CP of reinforced concrete structures.

ELGARD™ is a trademark of Eltech Systems Corporation.

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