Ocean City Research Corp. Demonstrates Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Assembled Truck Cab for the U.S. Army

The automotive industry uses zinc coated sheet steels on vehicles to extend corrosion life. The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) has been investigating methods to incorporate zinc coatings onto new production vehicles. Several options to galvanize truck cabs have been considered, including the use of galvanized sheet metal during original manufacturing, electro-galvanizing of components at various stages during processing, and hot-dip galvanizing of an assembled cab.

TACOM commissioned Corrpro subsidiary, Ocean City Research Corporation (OCRC), to demonstrate the hot-dipping process on completely assembled cabs. This process provided a zinc coating to substantially all interior and exterior surfaces of the cab. Minor warping and pooling of molten zinc were noted during the demonstration. These concerns may be overcome by modifying drain hole locations, dipping angles, and adding stiffeners to selected panels.

Further work will be conducted to learn what impact the hot-dip galvanized coating will have on the paintability and processability of the vehicle cabs. In addition, further economic analysis may provide a basis to determine what level of life-cycle cost savings can be achieved through extending the service life and reducing lifetime maintenance costs for the cabs. The success of this project lay in the ability of the government (TACOM) to team together with the recognized leader in the private sector (OCRC) to investigate methods which may be helpful to the Nation's defense.