Wilson Walton's Marine Anti-Fouling System, a Green Solution for the "Green Island"

Cork in the South of Ireland is warmed by the Atlantic's Gulf Stream. This contributes to a healthy growth of flora and fauna. Unfortunately, this creates a heavy burden of biofouling in the sea water intakes of industrial plants.

One of Wilson Walton's clients operates a fertilizer producing plant in Ireland's Cork Harbour which uses 26,000 cubic meters per hour of sea water for cooling. The local mussel population enjoys near perfect growing conditions which causes them to clog the sea water intakes.

To remedy the situation, Wilson Walton provided its Anfomatic™ screens which were installed in front of the water intake. These screens release copper and aluminum ions into the solution in sufficient quantities to deter the entry of mussel larvae. First installed at this facility in 1976, the Anfomatic process involves passing direct current through copper and aluminum rods which are held in rectangular steel frames. Anfomatic has kept the intakes "clear" for 20 years.

Unlike chemical treatments which are sometimes used to reduce biofouling, Anfomatic employs its environmentally safe, electrochemical technique to prevent the problem. This project shows that Anfomatic provides a "green solution", even on the already "Green Island" of Ireland!

Anfomatic is a trademark of Wilson Walton International UK, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Corrpro Companies, Inc.