concrete athodic protection

Case Studies

Corrpro has more than 25 years of experience providing quality cathodic protection for pipelines, buildings, bridges and other structures. Browse the case studies below to learn how Corrpro can help your corrosion prevention project.

Click here to view Aegion's 2017 Corrosion Engineering Review, containing a variety of case studies and product information on Aegion's Corrosion Protection platform.


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Concrete Structures

Crown Center Parking Garage Kansas City, Missouri
Westminster St. Parking Garage Corrosion Protection
Cathodic Protection of a Reinforced Concrete Building Facade Seychelle Islands
Kwai Chung Container Berth Concrete Wharf Cathodic Protection

DOT and Government Projects

Connecticut DOT Bridge Deck Cathodic Protection
Florida DOT Substructure Corrosion Protection in Marine Environment
Virginia DOT Hampton Roads Bridge Deck Cathodic Protection
Hot-Dip Galvanizing Automotive Structures
FHWA Bridge Coatings Studies
Virginia DOT Hampton Roads Bridge Deck Cathodic Protection


In-Situ Pipeline Repairs in Hawaii
Corrpro Investigates Water Main Failure
Unique Design Protects Pipelines in Wetlands Area
Corrpro Technology Improves Reliability


Condominiums and Resorts

Ocean Pines Condominium Cathodic Protection
Ocean Towers South Condominium Cathodic Protection
Gulf Mariner Condominium Cathodic Protection
Cote d’Azur Condominium Balcony Repair
Watermark Condominium Cathodic Protection and Balcony Repair


Marine Projects

Corrpro Protects Neptune Spar Hull
Corrpro Protects Riverboat from Corrosion
A Green Solution for a Green Island
Corrpro Protects the Queen's Navy


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