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Models T-2 and T-4 Cathodic Test Stations

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New Models T-2 and T-4 Cathodic Test Stations in the Condulet style.

New from Tinker & Rasor, Models T-2 & T-4 Cathodic Protection Test Stations in the popular Condulet® style are now available from stock in 8 standard colors. Injection molded, UV protected, polycarbonate plastic body and cover for maximum strength and durability. Replaces E-27® and E-37® metal style boxes. Molded-in threaded brass inserts eliminate hard to handle “clips” and allows fast and repeated re-entry. The wrap-over cover design, combined with our optional reusable gasket, effectively seals out dirt and moisture.

The Model T-2 and T-4 Cathodic Protection Test
Stations from Tinker & Rasor are “Condulet” style. The
Model T-2 fits existing NPT threaded 3/4” OD riser pipe,
and the Model T-4 fits existing NPT threaded 1” OD
riser pipe. The test stations include three 3 external
binding posts standard. The posts are set on one inch
centers to accomodate accessories such as bonding
straps and shunts.
The Model T-2 and T-4 may also be customized to
include more binding posts or banana plugs. Both are
made of a tough plastic resin material resistant to fire,
UV exposure and impacts.


T-2 for 3/4" NPT 
T-4 for 1" NPT

  • Lexan ® Polycarbonate plastic throughout 
  • Threaded brass inserts 
  • 18-8 S.S. Terminal Hardware 
  • Sealed terminal positions 
  • Mix and match color combinations