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4-inch Cathodic Test Station with up to 5 available terminals.
  • The 18" plastic box has a 4" I.D. and also is standard with a 1½" cast iron flange for heavy duty installation at grade level.
  • Made from SUPERIOR GRADE ABS plastic. It's long lasting and won't rust, rot or corrode.
  • "Adjustable to grade" test stations are available upon request.
  • Terminal blocks are secured in place beneath the lid. Wires are automatically pulled up when the lid is removed.
  • 0 or 5 terminals are available.
  • 10 connections on 5 post-type terminals is also available.
  • All terminals are made of solid brass.
  • Boxes are flared and squared to prevent pull-out, turning, or settling.
  • Cast iron drop-in or one-piece locking lids marked "Test Station" are available.
  • Custom lids are available for an additional charge.
  • Terminal jumpers are available.
  • Test terminals can be incorporated with Handley valve boxes.
  • Underground installation protects the station from vandalism and is esthetically superior. However, above ground test stations are also available.