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MC Miller 400A

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400D Soil Resistance Meters

Whether you need to measure soil resistivity or the resistance-to-earth of an electrode, such as a ground rod or an anode, the Miller 400A has you covered.





  • Determine the average earth resistivity to a specific depth – 4-Electrode Application
  • Determine the resistivity of a soil sample, or of a liquid, via an electrolyte (soil/liquid) box – 4-Electrode Application
  • Measure the resistance-to-earth of a buried electrode, such as a ground rod, or an anode, for example – 3-Electrode Application
  • Measure the resistance between two buried electrodes, such as two ground rods, or two anodes – 2-Electrode Application
  • Rugged, lightweight cse - safe to use on wet ground
  • Weatherproof, even with lid removed - IP67 rating for dust and water intrusion
  • Convenient case lid removal for ease of movement, with test leads attached, to new measurement locations
  • Resistance measurement range from 0.01Ω to 1.1MΩ
  • Resistance measurements are unaffected by any stray interference signals that may be present in the earth during the measurements, due to use of narrow band-pass filters
  • Runs on a set of C-cell alkaline need to periodically recharge the unit or plug it into a power source


  • Storage Temperature: -40oF to 122oF (-40oC to 50oC)
  • Operating Temperature: -32oF to 131oF (0oC to 55oC)
  • Dimensions: 12" W x 10" L x 5" H (31cm x 25cm x 12.5cm)
  • Weight: 7 lbs (3.175kg)