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Tinker & Rasor 45/90 Locator Probe

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45/90 Locator Probe

Hand held probe for use with Model PD Mark IV Receiver. The addition of the 45/90 Probe to the Model PD Pipe and Cable Short Locator Kit gives the operator a search coil much closer to the ground, saving the back strain of bending over on difficult locates. The 45/90 also makes depth determination much easier.




  • Easy to operate
  • Unaffected by surface cover
  • Light weight
  • Telescoping handle
  • Rugged construction
  • Water resistant

The Model 45/90 Probe was introduced for use with the Model PD Detector to provide ease of operating in pipe and cable locating, short location in corrosion control systems, and greater tracing distances.

To operate, connect the 45/90 Probe by inserting the plug into the receptacle labeled "Cleats" on the Receiver of the Model PD Detector. This operation automatically disconnects the search coil in the Receiver and the search coil of the probe is placed into the circuit. A signal received by the search coil in the probe samplified through the Receiver.

For determining depth, turn the probe,using the depth angle bubble into a 45 degrees angle position, move away from the known pipe center line with head 90 degrees to the pipe, and when a "null" is noted, mark the location. The distance from this location to the pipe center line is the depth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this instrument in an explosive environment.