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Tinker Rasor CS-10

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The Tinker Rasor CS-10 provides up to 10 amps of D.C. current at 12 volts.

The CS-10 provides up to 10 amps of D.C. current at 12 volts. With two ranges, three interrupt cycles and a fully adjustable current output (with LCD) from zero mA to 10 amps. You'll see why we say the CS-10 is much more than just a Battery Box. 

The CS-10 is housed in a top quality case designed to last a life time. This waterproof case is used around the World to keep quality in and the elements out. 

The CS-10 Portable Current Supply is designed to be a convenient source of current in areas without rectifiers or other power sources. The instrument output is selectable from zero to ten amperes. The range is selected by adjusting the range switch. It is intended primarily for temporary drains in connection with the cathodic protection of underground piping. It can also be a convenient source of current for testing insulating joints with a compass, determining the extent of a CP area, locating shorts and testing casings.


  • 0-10 amps adjustable output
  • LCD display for current adjustment
  • 1 milliamp resolution
  • Continuous or interrupted operation
  • Internal 12v rechargeable battery
  • Use with External 12v DC power
  • Weather resistant, locable case


Kit Includes

  • Instrument
  • 12v rechargeable battery
  • 9v replaceable battery
  • (1) set cables, structure/ground
  • (1) set cables, 12v DC power
  • Battery charger
  • Instructions


  • height:  5 3/4"
  • width:  12 1/4"
  • length:  10" Long 
  • weight:  8.0 pounds


  • 2 Ranges Current Requirement
  • Internal Batteries Short Identification
  • External Power Input Capability
  • Insulator Location
  • Continuous / Interrupted Operation
  • Short Location
  • Insulator Test
  • CasingTests
*Fully adjustable currentoutput 0 mA to 10 amps