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Tinker Rasor CS-1 Mag Anode Simulator

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The Tinker Rasor CS-1 Mag Anode Simulator is portable, adjustable and delivers 1.5 amps of D.C. current based on load conditions.

The Model CS-1 is a portable, adjustable current supply capable of delivering up to 1.5 amps of DC current depending on load conditions. The output voltage is fixed at 1.7 volts DC making the CS-1 ideal for use as a magnesium anode simulator.The CS-1 has a digital display to show the amount of current impressed and to check the internal DC battery level. 

For convenience in the field, the CS-1 Mag Anode Simulator uses 4 replaceable “D” cell batteries to provide current and a replaceable 9 volt battery for the meter display. For best performance Tinker & Rasor recommends the use of alkaline batteries.



  • 1.7 amps adjustable output
  • LCD display for current adjustment
  • 1 milliamp resolution
  • Simulates a standard Madnesium Anode
  • Internal replaceable battery
  • Provides “What if...” on pipeline
  • Weather resistant, locable case


 Kit includes:

  • Instrument
  • (1) set cables, structure/ground
  • Instructions