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Electrical Resistance Corrosion Rate Probes

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The MetriCorr electrical resistance (ER) probes have an exposed coupon element simulating a coating defect and a shielded reference element embedded in the probe body.





By precision measurement of the electrical resistance of those elements and making use of well-defined mathematical algorithms which correlate the resistance data with element dimensions, the residual thickness of the exposed element can be determined.

As the element thickness decreases, the resistance increases and the corrosion rate can be calculated. Unlike common ER probes and instruments, the MetriCorr system accurately compensates for even slight changes in element temperature that can distort the corrosion rate calculations and provides rapid, high resolution corrosion rate data.

Like more traditional coupons, the MetriCorr ER probe is positioned in close proximity to the pipeline. The probe is electrically connected to the pipeline in a test post through the ICL-02i datalogger and mimics the effects on the pipeline.

Electrical parameters including polarized DC potential, IR-compensated DC potential, AC potential, AC current density and DC current density can be collected.

Perhaps more importantly, the corrosion rate of the probe can be accurately measured by the use of the integral ER data collection electronics included in the MetriCorr datalogger. The time-stamped corrosion rate can be measured and compared with the electrical fingerprints.