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MetriCorr System

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Electrical Resistance Corrosion Rate Probes

The MetriCorr electrical resistance (ER) probes have an exposed coupon element simulating a coating defect and a shielded reference element embedded in the probe body.

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ICL-02i Interference Corrosion Datalogger

The MetriCorr ICL-02i is a multi-channel logger which simultaneously quantifies corrosion of one or two ER-probes.

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M-Link Wireless Data Transfer

M-Link closes the gap between the remote test site and the office– it dramatically reduces road time and manpower required in data collection and analyses.

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M-Report Corrosion Rate and Cathodic Protection Software

M-Report is the easy to use, advanced navigation software tool to organize and present measurements from the ICL-02i datalogger and M-Link remote monitoring unit.

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