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Watchdog Mesh CP Rectifier Monitor

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Watchdog Mesh CP Rectifier Monitor with

The Watchdog Mesh system is a comprehensive, turn-key solution to pipeline integrity man-agement. The patented design features “Wireless Mesh Technology” that virtually elimi-nates lightning damage to the system.

The Watchdog system communicates with one or more wireless “smart node” sensors and/or interruption controllers at a range up to 300 feet.



By providing unparalleled deployment flexibility, users can economically monitor one or more rectifiers at terminals or tank farms, on pipelines and well casings, or on ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) protected piers and bridge decks. Start with simple volts/amps rectifier monitoring and add GPS synchronized interruption or wireless channels to monitor multiple negative current shunts at any point.

The powerful web interface simplifies multiple rectifier GPS-synchronized interruption, group polling, and automatic compliance report generation.



  • Remote monitoring of rectifiers and test points
  • Initiate/schedule group interruption cycles
  • Monitor multiple rectifiers (tank farms, terminals, multiple negatives) with one Watchdog system
  • Monitor valve positions, pressure, tank levels and pumps


  • “Wireless Mesh Technology” provides protection from lightning and power surges
  • User defined automatic rectifier and test point readings
  • Alarm and return to normal notifications via e-mail and/or text message
  • GPS synchronized interruption with current sensing
  • Reconfigure units from the Watchdog user interface
  • Global communications to Watchdog systems via cellular or satellite telemetry
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Power via AC mains, low voltage AC or DC
  • Firmware reprogrammable over the air (cellular)
  • Monitors up to sixteen wireless analog channels, one 4-20mA or 0-5 volts analog input, five digital inputs and one digital output
  • Modbus interface for SCADA systems
  • AC mains on/off detection