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Stelth 2 Buried and Concrete

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Stelth Model SRE-041-HCP
Hydro-Carbon Proof
For buried and concrete service suitable for any chloride or chloride-free environment.

Stelth Model SRE-007-CUY
Copper-Copper Sulfate (Cu-CuSO4)

For buried or concrete service in chloride free environments.

Stelth Model SRE-008-SUB
Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCI)
For buried or concrete service in chloride environments.

Stelth Model SRE-009-ZUR
Zinc-Zinc Sulfate (Zn-ZnSO4)
For buried or concrete service in chloride free environments.

  • Minimum 30-year service life.
  • 28 in2 of sensing surface area gives you 9-35times more surface area than other electrodes. This makes electrode positioning less critical to achieve accurate readings.
  • Will not dry out in desert soil, a condition that renders other electrodes ineffective. Cyclical variations in soil conditions, ranging from hydrated to dehydrated have no adverse effects on the Stelth 2 electrode.
  • Electrodes may be taken out of service for extended periods of time and reintroduces into the system without affecting electrode accuracy or ability to reactivate. (Electrode will fire up in less than five minutes.)
  • Two levels of chloride ion trapping technologies are used in the Stelth 2:
    • First, we impregnate a trapping material into the ceramic sensing tube that traps chloride ions before they reach the chemistry of the Stelth 2 (patent pending).
    • Second, we employ a chloride ion trapping system that removes chloride ions that penetrate the CuSO4 chemistry of the Stelth 2 before these ions can cause damage.
    • Both of these systems give an additional benefit of lowering the internal resistance of the Stelth 2 reference electrode.
    • Note: Chlorides at levels of only 200 parts per million alter the chemistry of a CU-CuSO4 reference electrode enough to cause a complete breakdown, resulting in loss of stability and finally a total shut down.