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Permacell 804

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For Buried Structures in High Chloride Areas

Chloride ions affect the stability of copper reference cells. For protected structures located in areas with high chloride ion concentrations, Corrpro offers the Permacell 804 silver/silver chloride reference electrode.





This specially designed cell is not susceptible to chloride contamination, and will deliver accurate potential measurements for up to 30 years. It is composed of a silver element, which is immersed in a glass tube containing a supersaturated gel of silver chloride.

This entire component is then housed in a durable non-conductive tube, which is further surrounded by a dense mixture of silver and chloride. From this multiple layer construction, cell purity is maintained through the restriction of ions in and out of the cell.

Each cell is also tested for electrical potential prior to shipping. The measurements obtained from these tests are recorded and included with each cell, and cells which do not meet or exceed established performance thresholds are rejected. Completion of these quality procedures provides Corrpro’s 804 cell with an accuracy of ±5 millivolts.

Proper installation of the 804 cell is simple and easy. The cell is pre-packaged in a cloth sack containing a low-resistance backfill, and is ready for immediate installation. The cell is also provided with 50 feet of #14 AWG wire with HMWPE insulation. Once all wireconnections have been made and the ground around

the cell is moistened, the installation is complete.

The Permacell 804 permanent reference electrode is designed for use in high-chloride electrolytes. It is ideal for taking potential measurements on pipelines, tanks, and other structures buried in coastal areas. It can also be used to test reinforced concrete structures. With this type of application, the cell is provided without a backfill. Operation of the cell is limited to electrolytes with temperatures between 33° and 140°F. The cellshould not be installed in areas with high sulfide or bromide concentrations.

Ordering Procedure

Corrpro’s Permacell 804 is provided standard with backfill and 50 feet of #14 AWG lead wire, but it can also be custom manufactured to meet the customer’s specifications. To order this cell for your particular application, indicate that you need a Permacell 804 silver/silver chloride permanent reference cell, and specify the quantity desired, whether it is to be used in soil or concrete, and the lead wire length, size, and insulation if different from the standard provided. An example is included to illustrate this process.