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Permacell 801

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For Accurate Readings in Fresh Water Environments

Routine monitoring is an important part of any cathodic protection maintenance program. To simplify this testing procedure, different types of permanent reference cells can be used. For structures located in fresh water,

Corrpro offers the Permacell 801 copper/ copper sulfate cell. The cell is made using a 99.99% pure copper coiled element, which is surrounded by a supersaturated paste of copper sulfate.




To ensure a low-resistance connection, a lead wire is mechanically bonded and soldered to the copper element. This electrical junction is then encapsulated by a moisture-resistant shrink sleeve for a truly sealed connection. Electrical contact to the electrolyte is accomplished through a filtering plug at the end of the reference electrode. The plug allows accurate potential measurements to be obtained while preventing cell contamination.

In order for a reference to be effective, it must remain electrically stable over time. Corrpro’s 801 reference cell delivers unsurpassed stability due to strict quality control procedures implemented during the manufacturing process. Deionized water is used to create the supersaturated solution of copper sulfate, and the copper element is treated with a special cleansing agent before it is installed into the cell’s plastic housing. Each cell is also tested for  electrical potential, and the values obtained are recorded and marked on shipping tags attached to the cells. These extra quality steps give the Permacell801 a 30-year design life and the ability to maintain an electrical potential of within ±5 millivolts.

Typical Applications
The Permacell 801 is ideal for use in cathodic protection systems operated in fresh water environments. This includes elevated water storage tanks, clarifiers, traveling screens, pasteurizers, locks, dams, and fresh water dock structures. The cell can be operated at temperatures of up to 135°F, but should not be used in waters containing high concentrations of chloride ions.

Ordering Procedure

Permacell 801 is provided standard with fifty feet of insulated lead wire, but it can also be custom manufactured to meet the customer’s specifications. To order this reference cell for your particular application, indicate that you need a Corrpro Permacell 801 permanent reference cell, and specify the quantity desired and the lead wire length, size, and insulation, if different from the standard provided. An example is included to illustrate this process.

Custom assemblies available, able to use #16,
#14, #20, #10, or 8 wires for these assemblies.