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Well Casing Air-Cooled Rectifier

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The “Well Casing” Air-Cooled Rectifier line is a limited output version of the standard line of manual set Cathodic Protection rectifiers, aimed specifically for well casing market.







Combining a lighter gauge enclosure with a chassis pan method of component layout results in a cost-effective rectifier. Incoming AC power is stepped down, isolated and rectified to a controlled DC output. Input-overload and short-circuit protection is provided by magnetic-trip breakers; output protection by means of one-time fuses in the transformer secondary. Primary AC/DC surge protection and secondary surge protection is provided by disk-style M.O.V’s. Output control using 20-steps of tap adjustment, gives ample control to output settings. Separate ammeter, with built-in shunt and voltmeter, are supplied standard. No meter switches are used. The “Well Casing” line of rectifiers has optional extra circuits (maximum 2) available for multiple well casings or flow line requirements.

  • Supplied with removable chassis and full front access for field service requirements
  • Wall or pole mounting only Separate 2.5” ammeter and voltmeter (no switches)
  • AC/DC surge protection (M.O.V’s)
  • Transformer constructed to Class “H” temperature requirements. Minimum efficiency of 95%
  • CSA certified under File No.: LR-45382 (Standard line)
  • All brass/copper hardware finished in electroless nickel plate for superior corrosion prevention.
  • All other hardware is stainless steelOne year warranty, from date of purchase, on materials and workmanship
  • Extra negative or positive output circuits available for multiple well casing or flow line requirements
  • Single phase inputs only: 115, 208, 115/230, 115/460, 230, 230/460, 460, and 600 VAC., 60 Cycle (50 Hz. optional)
  • Minimum 20-steps of terminal block tap adjustment
  • Magnetic trip input circuit breakers and rectifier fuses for full overload and short circuit protection
  • Output voltage range from 12 to 60 volts DC
  • Output current range from 8 to 22 ampere DC
  • Special output or input ratings available on request
  • Metering: 2% meters, temperature compensated
  • Operating ambient: -58°F to 113°F (-50°C to +45°C).
  • Cooling by natural air convection
  • Cabinet rated NEMA 3R; constructed from 14 gauge galvanized steel, finished with 3-5 mils fusion bond polyester powder paint, white