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Safetrack© CP4 Automatic Pinbrazing Gun

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Self Adjusting Safetrack© CP4 Automatic Pinbrazing Gun. Advantages of the self adjusting gun:

- CP4 requires almost no maintenance unlike other models in the business.
- Elimination of operator error
- Consistent braze quality
- Half the weight
- Quicker and more simple operator training

Pinbrazing guns have, until now, been equipped with a manual mechanism to set the lift height of the brazing pin in order to compensate for the different sizes of pins, lugs, ferrules and for manufacturing tolerances.

This operation has to be made every time a brazing is to be made. If the operator is not doing this the result is not the same from brazing to brazing.

Safetrack invented the CP4 Automatic gun so that the pinbrazing users could be sure that no operator mistakes would occur.

The CP4 gun sets the correct lift height automatically when gun is brought to the material to which the connection is to be made. The operator has only to fire the gun; errors due to forgetfulness, cold fingers, lack of training, bad light, etc. are eliminated. In addition the new gun, which only weighs about 1.1 kg, is half the weight of earlier versions.

The highly appreciated CP4 Gun has become a required item to guarantee a safe result for many users world wide.