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Georg Fischer Jock O-Ring Type

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Georg Fischer Jock O-Ring Type flange insulation.

The “Jock” has a high-energy O-Ring elastomer seal that compresses and expands to fill any voids as the flange is tightened. The totally encapsulated sealing element prevents gasket blow-out.

The O-Ring provides a positive, constant seal with zero environmental leakage. Complete contact of flange and retainer prevents fire failure and reduces exposure of the seal to service fluids and environment.

The confined O-Ring seal allowszero “m” and “y” factors to be achieved. Available inNitrile or Viton seal materials. On special request, the “Jock” gasket can replacemost sizes of RTJ and BX gaskets. With the versatility of changing the sealing element or the retainermaterial, the 2” and larger “Jock” gaskets can be utilized in most any application.