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Polarization Cell Replacement

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The PCR is a solid-state device designed to simultaneously provide DC decoupling and AC continuity/grounding when used with cathodically protected structures, such as pipelines, tanks, grounding systems, and cable casings.

The PCR has very high AC fault current and lightning surge current ratings. With a higher blocking voltage than polarization cells, the PCR eliminates the need for placing devices in series, making it the most ideal isolation and grounding product for cathodically protected structures. In addition to out-performing polarization cells, the PCR also surpasses metal oxide varistors and gapped arresters, clamping lightning-caused over-voltages to the lowest possible levels.

Features and Characteristics
  • Range of AC Fault Ratings
  • Higher Blocking Voltage than Polarization Cells
  • UL and C-UL Listed for Grounding Electrical
  • Equipment
  • UL, C-UL Listed for Class I, Division 2 Locations
  • Certified by UL/Demko for Meeting ATEX Directive
  • for Zone 2; CE Marked
  • Available in Submersible Version

  • Insulated Joint Protection
  • AC Voltage Mitigation
  • Decoupling Equipment Grounds
  • Decoupling from Power Company Grounds