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In-Situ Tester for Isolator/Surge Protector

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The Dairyland model Isolator/Surge Protector (ISP) can be field tested with standard equipment, such as a multimeter and clamp-on ammeter. However, when more comprehensive testing is required by a user, the automated In-Situ Tester can be purchased or rented from DEI. The In-Situ Tester answers a number of questions for the user, namely, whether:
  • The ISP is working properly
  • The ISP is being applied within its steady-state
  • ratings
  • The ISP will transition from one mode to the other
  • and automatically reset when subject to a fault/
  • transient event

It has the capability to perform testing while the ISP is
in service, measuring such parameters as:
  • AC and DC Voltage Across the ISP
  • AC Induced Current Through the ISP
  • DC Leakage Current Through the ISP
  • Threshold Voltage

Additionally, the In-Situ Tester will check all major components in the ISP for tolerance and operation. All tests run automatically. Information is stored internally, for printing or data export at a later time. Use of the In-Situ Tester requires ordering the Isolator/Surge Protector with the Test Point option.