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CS-48 Type Molds

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CS-48 Type Molds are for connecting field made terminal bonds to horizontal steel or cast iron pipe. See below for hammer die and sleeve part numbers. When welding to steel pipe, each mold fits a wide range of pipe sizes. When welding to cast iron pipe, each mold fits a specified pipe size.





DO NOT use Type CS-48 molds on Soil Pipe (ASTM A74-82). A test weld should be made on a section of
the pipe being used to determine the possibility of detrimental metallurgical effects.

For sizes not listed, contact Corrpro.
Molds listed are for concentric stranded cable. Add suffix “ -S” to mold number for solid conductors.

• For expedited service, contact Corrpro.

• To order weld metal for use with EZ Lite Remote® insert T W before and EZ after weld metal number.

Required Tools;

  • Handle Clamps w/ Flint Ignitor (see chart for correct handles)
  • † ~ S old complete with frame If frame not required, specify MOLD NUMBER followed by suffix "-G"
  • 38-0309-00 ~ Flint Ignitor or 38-EZLT-RU EZ Lite Remote®

Other recommended accessories;

  • 40-0319-01 ~ Mold Cleaner for cartridge sizes #15-#65
  • 38-3922-00 ~ Mold Cleaning Brush
  • 38-0135-00 ~ Cable Cleaning Brush
  • 38-0101-00 ~ Rasp
  • 38-4129-00 ~ Packing Material for 1/0 & Larger Molds

Welding To Ductile Iron Pipe: When welding to ductile iron pipe, use weld metal and molds designated for cast iron.