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CB-1 Type Molds

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CB-1 Type Molds are for connecting copper cable to copper lugs.







For sizes not listed, contact Corrpro.
Molds listed are for concentric stranded cable. Add suffix “ -S” to mold number for solid conductors.

• For expedited service, contact Corrpro.

• To order weld metal for use with EZ Lite Remote® insert T W before and EZ after weld metal number.

Required Tools;

  • Handle Clamps w/ Flint Ignitor (see chart for correct handles)
  • † ~ S old complete with frame If frame not required, specify MOLD NUMBER followed by suffix "-G"
  • 38-0309-00 ~ Flint Ignitor or 38-EZLT-RU EZ Lite Remote®

Other recommended accessories;

  • 40-0319-01 ~ Mold Cleaner for cartridge sizes #15-#65
  • 38-3922-00 ~ Mold Cleaning Brush
  • 38-0135-00 ~ Cable Cleaning Brush
  • 38-0101-00 ~ Rasp
  • 38-4129-00 ~ Packing Material for 1/0 & Larger Molds

Welding To Ductile Iron Pipe: When welding to ductile iron pipe, useweld metal and molds designated for cast iron.