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FN 4200 Flange Filler

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STOPAQ 4200 is a corrosion preventative filler which is applied for the protection of above ground flanges. It protects the space between the flange plates against the ingress of moisture, and penetrates the pores of the steel. Once applied the product stays flexible forever and shows no degradation after many years of service.







STOPAQ 4200 is suitable for coating above ground flange plates having thermal deformations and gives applicators an opportunity to coat uneven, non-cleaned or hard to access surfaces. When applied STOPAQ 4200 does not flow from vertical and inclined surfaces.


STOPAQ 4200 has excellent resistance to weathering and ageing and will protect the flange internally.(nuts and bolts) over a long period of time to provide a largely maintenance free protection system for above ground flanges.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Apply
  • Adheres to all surfaces, incl. PVC, PE, Copper, Steel, Lead, etc.
  • Water Impermeable
  • Remains Flexible
  • Long Term Protection
  • High Specifiec Electrical Resistance
  • Water/Salt Resistance
  • Helps Block H2S Gas
  • Fills the complete space