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Polyken 932 High Tack Joint Coating Details

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Cold applied tape coating system designed for the corrosion protection of field joints, fittings and specialty piping.






  • Ideal for girth welds, bends, Ts & odd shapes
  • Also used for spiral and longitudinal weld seams
  • For small, hand or wrapping machine applications on pipes even during extreme cold weather conditions

Features & Benefits:

  • Complies with AWWA C-209, EN12068, and DIN30672
  • Conforms to irregular shapes for nearly every application
  • Super high tack adhesive ensures a strong and impervious seal
  • Compatible with all other coating systems for versatility and reducing inventory
  • Easy to apply with minimal training--saves time and money
  • Worldwide reference list, established in-ground history
  • Max temperature: 122º F (50º C)