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Polyken 931 Filler Tape

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Polyken 931 Filler Tape is designed as an underlying filler material prior to the application of Polyken coating systems such as 908, 930 and 980.





Polyken 931 is a butyl based adhesive that is used in combination with a corrosion layer to insure uniformity of coating. It consists of two or more layers:
  1.  A liquid adhesive layer consisting of anti corrosion elastomers and inhibitors
  2. An 100% solids mastic layer in roll form (can be applied in multiple layers)


  • Hand applied to ensure smooth transition on irregular and special pipe geometries 
  •  Reconditioning, bell hole rehabilitation, girth welds and pipe specials 
  •  Used on pipe irregular geometries to insure smooth coatings and prevent voids under coating

Features and Benefits:

  • Conformable, moldable and easy to apply
  • Proven performance
  • Compatible with Covalence and Polyken coating systems
  • Impermeable to oxygen
  • Max temperature: 249º F (121º C)