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900 Utility Coating 12mil

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General utility tape for hand application on small diameter pipe joints and fittings.





Polyken accessory products consist of a PE/Butyl tape used in conjunction with Polyken primer.
  1. A liquid adhesive (primer) layer consisting of anti-corrosion elastomers and inhibitors
  2. A PE tape consisting of a PE layer laminated to a Butyl adhesive. No mechanical outerwrap is generally used.


  • Hand or machine applied (wrapster)
  • Used for general purpose in oil/gas field applications for gathering & flow line

Features and Benefits:

  • 45-year successful field performance
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
  • Compatible with all other coating systems
  • Easy to apply with minimal training
  • Low cathodic protection electricity demand
  • Max temperature: 150º F (66º C)