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Polyken 4000 Primerless Joint Coating

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A cold applied tape coating system designed for the corrosion protection of field joints, fittings and specialty piping.

Because Polyken 4000 does not require the use of a primer or liquid adhesive prior to application, it is a zero VOC coating system.




The Polyken 4000 coating system consists of:

  1. Polyken 4000 anti-corrosion layer can also be applied in multiple layers
  2. Polyken 954 mechanical protection layer (optional depending on application)


  • Hand or machine applied using a wrapster
  • Reconditioning, bell hole rehabilitation and girth weld protection
  • No liquid adhesive (primer) is required


  • Meets AWWA C209 standard
  • Eliminates primer and liquid adhesive
  • Compatible with all other coating systems
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Low density PE backing with high adhesive
  • Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
  • Easy to apply with minimal training
  • Max Temperature: 122º F (50º C)