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Royston SpliceRight

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We’ve developed this compound based on Royston’s 60 years of experience in corrosion protection. Designed to insulate, waterproof and protect low-voltage electrical connections, Royston SpliceRight's tacky elastomeric compound completely seals and waterproofs the connector area. This is then covered with a resin impregnated, moisture cured fabric which when dry provides a mechanical protection for the sealant. It’s the splicing kit that keeps your catholic protection system intact. 

There’s no mixing, heating or pouring. The SpIiceRight system’s resin-impregnated, moisture cured fabric bandage can be applied immediately after applying the compound--unlike other methods which require a hardening time. The bandage provides mechanical protection for the sealant and sets in less than 10 minutes. In addition, the SpliceRight system’s quick installation time allows for immediate backfill. 

It’s Economical 

The SpliceRight System is the low-cost way to do the job right. It’s fast, easy and effective, which keeps your labor costs down. And if re-entry to the splice is necessary, the SpIiceRight system can be removed without damage to the cable or the splice.

One Size Fits All

With SpliceRight, you need to carry only one size kit to the site--there is no need for various-sized kits. The SpIiceRight system’s green sealant fits easily around any shape or configuration quickly and with no mess.

All Season Splice

The SpliceRight system can be applied in both hot or below freezing temperatures. Because the green sealant remains pliable, it will never crack if a cable shifts. The SpliceRight system’s unique rubber encapsulating material maintains its electrical resistance and physical properties without deterioration during long aging or exposure to corrosive underground environments.

It’s Easy to Use

Just cover, wrap and spray.


Royston SpliceRight kits are furnished in a carton containing 12 individually packaged kits and one spray bottle for water.

Mini SpliceRight

Designed to protect plastic pipe trace wire splices, the Mini SpliceRight consists of a black elastomeric putty to encapsulate the wire nut and a two-part epoxy armor to mechanically protect the putty.