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Corrpro Alcoke® Petroleum Coke Backfill

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Premium backfills with high carbon contents and low contact resistance values do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Alcoke® is a quality backfill with excellent conductive properties and a very attractive price.

It is made from petroleum coke breeze, which is calcined to remove hydrocarbons and moisture.



The backfill possesses a fixed carbon content and an uncompacted resistivity of 4.7 ohm-cm. To ensure excellent anode contact, the backfill is composed of particles ranging in size from 0.03 - 0.55 inches. This sizing permits a bulk density of 66 lb/ft.

Typical Applications

Alcoke® backfill is designed for trouble-free installation. It is supplied in polyethylene bags to protect against moisture intrusion and pours easily. The backfill can be mixed with water for pumping into deep anode beds. Because the backfill has a high bulk density and good compaction properties, minimal tamping is required.

Ordering Procedure

High quality Alcoke® backfill is supplied in 55 lb. polyethylene bags. To order the required quantity for your project, indicate that you need Alcoke® petroleum coke breeze and specify the total weight required. Contact us to calculate the amount of backfill needed on your project.