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The Right Way to Pack Anodes

Coke breeze backfills provide a homogenous environment for impressed current anodes and can substantially lower groundbed resistance by twenty, thirty or even forty percent.

Spira-Pak anode canisters developed by Corrpro ensure the anodes are evenly surrounded with the proper amount of coke breeze backfill.


They are constructed from galvanized steel and can be used with cast iron, graphite or mixed metal oxide anodes. Because the canisters are made by mechanically crimping narrow strips of the galvanized metal in a spiral pattern, the Spira-Pak canisters are significantly stronger than the old stove pipe cans. This allows them to stand up to rough handling during shipping and installation. Even backfill compaction is assured since the cans are vibrated during filling to obtain the optimal material density.

Spira-Pak canisters are offered in 4-, 6- , 8- and 10-inch diameters. They can be made to virtually any length and are sealed at either end by grooved wooden plugs. Use of the backfill canisters not only reduces installation costs, it also saves time and coke breeze.

Typical Applications

Corrpro Spira-Pak canisters are designed for pre-packaging impressed current anodes in coke breeze backfills. They are ideal for wet and marshy environments where the field installation of coke breeze is difficult. The canisters ensure even coke breeze compaction and a homogenous environment for superior current discharge.

Ordering Procedure

All of the impressed current anodes offered by Corrpro may be pre-packaged in Spira-Pak canisters. To order your anodes with this specially designed container, simply inform your sales representative at the time the order is placed.