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Corrpro High Potential Cast Magnesium Anodes

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Magnesium HP Bagged Assembly used in galvanic cp

Power in galvanic cathodic protection is generated by the anode. With Corrpro’s line of high potential anodes, you get the most powerful protection available today. Cast from high-purity magnesium, these anodes produce an open circuit potential of 1.75-1.77 volts, which is 20% to 30% greater than conventional magnesium anodes. This high driving voltage means greater protection can be delivered from fewer anodes. Efficiency of the anode is enhanced even further when installed in a backfill of 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite and 5% sodium sulfate. This special mixture lowers anode-to-earth resistance and allows electrical current to flow more easily to the targeted structure.

Corrpro certified high potential anodes are manufactured according to strict quality control standards. Each production run of high potential anodes is subject to G-97 analysis. This ensures the anodes you purchase will perform as specified. In addition, the high potential anodes Corrpro supplies meet the ASTM B843 standard.


High potential anodes can be used to protect most buried metallic structures found in a range of soil resistivities. Because they produce a higher driving voltage than conventional magnesium anodes, they are ideally suited for structures buried in soils with resistivities in excess of 2,000 ohm-cm or for structures containing numerous corrosion hot spots. 


Certified high potential anodes are manufactured in a variety of dimensions and weights. To order the required anode for your structure, use our contact form and indicate that you need high potential magnesium anodes, and specify the quantity desired, the anode type, and whether they should be packaged or bare. The anodes are shipped standard with 10 ft - #12 solid TW lead wire unless otherwise specified.