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LIDA® One Anodes

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The single anode concept from De Nora: One anode, one cable. It’s that simple.

The LIDA® One anodes are the newest in the family of mixed metal oxide anode products specifically tailored to the cathodic protection of buried structures.




Designed for installations where a single anode on a string is preferred for groundbeds with widely varying soil resistivities, the mixed metal oxide coating is specially formulated for use in carbonaceous backfill.

LIDA® One is a one-inch diameter titanium tube with a precious mixed metal oxide coating. This mixed metal oxide is a crystalline, electrically conductive coating that activates the titanium and enables it to function as an anode. When applied on titanium, the coating has an extremely low consumption rate (measured in terms of milligrams per year). As a result of this low consumption rate, the tubular dimensions remain nearly constant during the design life of the anode — providing a consistently low resistance anode.

By increasing the length of our tubular anode yet reducing total current output, De Nora has created another reliable mixed metal oxide anode product line with even greater cost savings over competitive anode technologies. As with all of De Nora mixed metal oxide tubular anodes, the combination of a tough and lightweight product, its ease of handling and installation, the superior mechanical connection and our five-year, no hassle warranty, make LIDA® One the ONE anode for unparalleled cathodic protection performance.


  • Designed to be used as a single anode
  • Durable design prevents breakage or damage while getting it to the job site
  • Special crimped moisture seal prevents damage to electrical connection
  • No lead — no epoxy potting compounds
  • Five-year product warranty