Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems and Equipment

Water and wastewater treatment systems and equipmentWater and wastewater treatment equipment found in up-flow basins, clarifiers, thickeners, mixers and related vessels benefits greatly from cathodic protection. The corrosion process on the submerged steel portions of a treatment basin is generally more complex than that encountered in steel water storage tanks, resulting in a need for special expertise in cathodic protection. Corrpro Waterworks provides complete turnkey cathodic protection services for this specialized equipment.

The use of various metals in the same electrolyte, irregular surface structures and the transference of protective current from stationary to moving parts are only a few of the important considerations for the design and installation of cathodic protection systems on these structures. 

Corrpro has over fifty years of industry knowledge and experience to solve even the most complex corrosion issues. Properly designed, installed and maintained cathodic protection corrosion control systems can save an owner tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance, repair and recoating costs on the submerged steel components of a treatment system over the design life of structure. 

Our design staff are NACE accredited and our systems are designed in accordance with AWWA Standards utilizing state of the art automatically controlled rectifiers. Corrpro also offers a complete line of superior quality cathodic protection materials which are ANSI/NSF 61classified for drinking water system components.

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