Cathodic Protection Sacrificial Anode Control Panel

sacrificial anode control panel for Cathodic ProtectionPanel Operation/Description:

The Corrpower® sacrificial anode control panel was designed for cathodic protection of storage tanks to provide both control of the sacrificial anode system current and monitoring of the related tank potential. The panel is constructed in a Nema 4X-rated fiberglass enclosure and is separated into two sections--one for control and the other for monitoring. The control section is comprised of a structure connection terminal, anode bed connection terminal, on/off switch, adjustable rheostat and a block style shunt for current verification. The monitoring section is comprised of a structure connection terminal, reference cell connection terminal, meter input selection switch potential/anode current, LCD display meter and a 9VDC alkaline battery.

The Corrpower® sacrificial anode control panel is constructed with top quality components and manufacturing methods to provide the customer with a convenient economic alternative for sacrificial anode system junction boxes in cathodic protection systems.

Standard Specifications of Sacrificial Anode Control Panel:

 Enclosure  11" (279mm) X 11" (279mm) X 6" (152mm)

 Fiberglass instrument panel

 3/16" (5mm), Type "XX" phenolic

 Display  3.5 digital LCD

 Rheostat  100 ohm, 100 watt

 Shunt  2 amp, 200mV, holloway block style

 Battery 9VDC alkaline

 Operating temperature ambient

0º to 40ºC

 Labeling  1/16" Lamicoid, fully engraved

 One year warranty, from date of purchase, against defective components and/or faulty workmanship. 

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