marine exposure facility

Natural Marine Exposure Facilities

Our marine atmosphere exposure facility includes over 2,000 feet of test fence. This location provides natural or accelerated (via daily seawater spray) weathering exposure tests on paints, metals and various material samples for clients. The test site provides a natural northern sea coast climate characterized by high humidity, high time-of-wetness, high winds, salt laden air and a broad annual temperature range. Research indicates that the broad temperature range is an important climactic variable, especially with respect to the weathering behavior of polymeric materials. Selected polymeric materials exposed in northern seacoast environments have exhibited rapid deterioration (crazing, micro-cracking, etc.) that was not observed in southern seacoast exposures.

Marine tidal zone testing of metals and paints is conducted along 500 feet of timber bulkhead. Natural seawater immersion for biofouling or corrosion tests is also provided. Samples may be suspended from a floating dock, attached to a fixed pier, exposed in seawater tanks or subjected to flowing seawater.

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