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For many years, Corrpro Europe has been a prime manufacturer and supplier of cathodic protection equipment having foundry and production assembly facilities in Stockton on Tees UK and transformer rectifier unit and junction box manufacturing facilities at our Hockway plant in Redhill, Surrey UK.

Corrpro Europe Ltd offers and stocks a comprehensive range of corrosion control and cathodic protection materials and equipment, including power supplies, anodes, backfill, electrical isolation devices, cables, monitoring and accessory products and instrumentation to global onshore, offshore and concrete markets. Click here to see our comprehensive list of product data sheets.

Products are provided to international standards (European and American), as wide ranging specifications dictate. In addition to our in-house foundry, manufacturing and warehousing at our factory in Stockton, we also have alliances with international vendors and can access the extensive inventories and product listing of Corrpro Companies Inc. and agents worldwide. This detailed product knowledge together with the group's purchasing power allows us to provide a global comprehensive product service.

Datasheets on most of our product range can be found by selecting the relevant tabs from the products pane on the right. This includes anodes, Elgard and Lida MMO ribbon and mesh for reinforced concrete structures, backfill, cable, instrumentaton and survey equipment, junction boxes, marker posts and test stations, pin brazing equipment and consumables, polarisation cells, reference electrodes and thermite welding equipment. Plus many more.

Corrpro Europe Supplies:

  • Anodes: Corrpro can design, supply, manufacture and assemble a wide range of Galvanic & ICCP system anodes of all weights, dimensions & chemical compositions including Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium, High Silicon, MMO, Graphite, Platinized, Titanium Mesh & Linear.
  • Cables: Corrpro stock a wide & varied range of cable type, sizes and colour enabling us to offer quick turnaround and competitive prices. Cable type includes XLPE/PVC, KYNAR (PVDF), PVC/PVC, XLPE/XLPE, XLPE/PVC/SWA, HMWPE etc
  • Monitoring & accessory products: Corrpro supplies and manufactures a diverse number of cathodic protection monitoring products including test stations, junction boxes, reference electrodes, grounding materials, insulation materials, coating products, cable connection materials, etc.
  • Delivery: Corrpro can supply all of our products worldwide to meet agreed timescales and construction schedules. Corrpro Europe has a dedicated shipping and logistics department which can liaise and coordinate all aspects of supply.

If you cannot find details of any product or service that you require please contact us.

Andrew Loughran, BEng, ICorr
Materials Sales Manager

Scott Milburn, BA (Hons)
Commercial Coordinator

Richard Marshall, M.ICorr, CMI
Sales & Marketing, UK & Europe

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