Corrpro Companies is committed to a zero incident safety culture.  We have pledged to “target zero” where no incident is acceptable.  Our team engages in leading indicator measurement to predict and eliminate the next incident from happening.  We also focus on near miss reporting, training, behavior-based safety observations and a variety of other techniques that allow us to have a proactive environmental, health and safety process. Our processes consistently accomplish results below National Industry benchmarks as we strive for world class execution.

In addition, Corrpro Companies provides exceptional training to all of our employees.  On average each of our field employees receive approximately eighty hours of safety training per year.  This includes the OSHA 10/30 hour course, first aid/CPR/AED, Smith Driving and numerous Operator Qualification modules.  Our model is simple but effective as we constantly reinforce our safety protocols with annual, monthly and daily environmental, health and safety training.  Each employee has the authority to stop work to ensure a project is done correctly and safely.

In our effort to strive for zero incidences, we are continually evaluating and testing new technologies and protocols to assist our employees and clients.  We stay on the cutting edge in environmental, health and safety initiatives to ensure we maintain a harmonized operating system.  These actions help ensure our goal to surpass federal guidelines to safeguard the future of our employees, clients and neighbors.

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