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Cathodic Protection Corrosion Control

For nearly 30 years, Corrpro has been a leading provider of cathodic protection systems and engineering services. As a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation, Corrpro offers cathodic protection corrosion solutions for every industrial market including pipeline, refinery, above and underground storage tanks, water, wastewater, concrete, infrastructure, offshore and marine.

Corrpro is a leading provider of cathodic protection corrosion control systems, CP engineering services, and corrosion protection services relating to cathodic protection coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures.  Our specialists, from beginning to end, are skilled in the art of cathodic protection coatings, systems integration, and inspection.

Corrpro Companies, Inc. is the complete corrosion protection source for all types of structures found in diverse environments throughout the world. Comprised of the largest group of dedicated corrosion control professionals, state-of-the-art research and testing laboratories, along with an extensive materials production facility, the firm has the strength to meet virtually any corrosion-related need. We accomplish this through our commitment to rigorous engineering and design procedures, advanced research and proper application of a broad range of products and services aimed at preserving piping, equipment and infrastructure in diverse industries and environments throughout the world.

Corrpo is a BBB accredited cp system providerCorrpro is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Corrpro Companies, Inc., a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation, is an equal opportunity employer.  Accommodations for persons with disabilities and/or Limited English Proficiency are available in accordance with state and federal law.  Please contact the Corrpro location nearest you to inquire.


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